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We specialize in offshore bill fishing such as Marlin (Blue, Black, Stripe) and Sailfish plus Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Wahoo. On the Pacific, it’s common to release several Sailfish and even a Marlin or two in a single day. There are also Dorado (including the long-standing International Game Fish Association’s all-tackle record 87-pounder), giant Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Cubera, Roosterfish, a variety of Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow Runners, Mackerel and much more.



Marlin (Blue, Black, Striped)

The largest billfish trophy. It is not uncommon to see this huge fish heave itself skyward in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. Caught every month of the year, with June to early December exceptional, then slowing a bit from January into early May.


This beautiful billfish has the largest dorsal fin, resembling a sail. This fish is noted for its fighting ability and often spends as much of the battle in the air as in the water. It is one of the most sought after game fish, they are extremely acrobatic with weights averaging 90-120 pounds and caught year round, with May through December normally the top season. 



Wahoo (Ono)

Wetass II currently holds the Costa Rica record for Wahoo at 86 pounds. Wahoo is a gamefish known for its long hard runs at speeds up to 45 mph. Because of the limited number of wahoo caught, it is considered a trophy fish. The first showing begins about the time the rains start in May, peaking in July and August. Most are caught around the rocky points and islands, but you will pick one up occasionally fishing offshore.

Rooster Fish

Much like it’s relative the Permit, Roosterfish will make a screaming first run once hooked. These very strong fighters can often be found near surf, circling birds, and inshore waters. Anglers commonly troll live bait for Roosters. Average size ranges from 20-50 pounds.


Rooster Fish3.jpg



Sport fishermen catch Yellowfin Tuna by trolling brightly-colored lures. A yellow and red plastic skirt trolled at the surface at 10 to 12 knots is an effective method. When hooked, Yellowfin will fight hard by diving deep. The big Tuna come and go all year long but June through December are normally the best months.


Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

The Dorado fishing is above average year round. The rainy season June through October is the best time to catch the Dorado that congregate on the weed and trash lines closer inshore. The rest of the year, the bigger Dorado are generally further offshore and it's not uncommon to find a 60 -70 pound Dorado.




Snapper (Cubera, Pacific Red, Yellow, Rock)

Snapper usually prefer rocks or reefs that provide them shelter. One must know where the best fishing grounds are located. Snapper is much in demand as one of the tastiest white meat fish.